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Got an idea for us?We’d like current and potential Massage Therapy Program students, working LMTs, as well as interested community members, to have an easy way to ask questions, make comments, and offer suggestions. You can do that by clicking below. From time to time, we may reply to posts of a general nature here on the website, but in order to post a comment you will be required to provide your name and email address so that, if appropriate, we can respond to you directly. Once published, your name will accompany your comment, but your email address will not be seen by website viewers. Thank you for taking the time to visit!

11 thoughts on “LCC Massage…at your fingertips”

  1. I was wondering what all the required classes are, in order to become a L.M.T. All of them?

  2. see the “For Students” page for a run down of what the State requires for licensure!

  3. I am really interested in the Massage Therapy Program and I want to start Winter Term. Who can I talk to about registering for the program that can answer a lot of questions?

  4. Anyone interested in contacting our program director about beginning the program can find contact information on this site. Just return to the homepage by clicking the header above (the image of Eugene) and then choose “contact us” from the navigation pane. Thanks!

  5. Hi!
    I was wondering if international students can apply for the course. What are the procedures?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi!

    I was wondering if there was a dress code for the classes…ie need to wear scrubs etc. I’ve noticed that different Massage Institutes require different attire. Thanks!

  7. There is no official dress code for the program. We do ask that students are respectful of their peers by dressing appropriately for the classroom. And, in hands-on classes – in which you are often using oil or lotion – we recommend not wearing anything that requires dry cleaning. :)

  8. Waiting for a Kines text to come from Amazon. Anyone have a book I can borrow to study for a week-ish? I’ll come to you! THX.

  9. Umm I was wondering why Lane community college has not made the massage program part of the credit class cirriculum so that people could get government assistance with the tuition???

  10. there are a lot of reasons massage program administration prefers to remain non-credit. just a couple of the ways in which this serves students is that it allows us to have an open entry/open exit program and it means that students don’t have to take required non-massage curriculum to become licensed. as the economy improves, we hope that more financing options will again become available for non-credit students; before the financial markets fell, several assistance options did exist that helped to cover or fully covered students in our program.

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