See the summer schedule!

Hello all! The summer Massage Program class schedule is now posted. It is not available yet on the main LCC site, for registration purposes, but you can check it out and plan for your future by clicking here!

Please take note: we are mixing things up this summer and trying “intensive” sections in many courses, meaning that classes will run twice a week in either the first or last five weeks of the term. You will need to plan accordingly, keeping in mind that the same amount of material will be presented in a compressed format. That’s twice the studying and homework in half the time. There are advantages, of course, such as the chance to take half the summer off from school, or the opportunity to complete classes in a series that would normally take two terms to complete. So, have a look at the schedule and begin to plan for what will work best for you!

2 thoughts on “See the summer schedule!”

  1. when will the summer CRN numbers going to be available? i want to register and can’t find them anywhere!

  2. The CRNs are now available. To find them: 1. return to the homepage (by clicking on the picture at the top of this page). 2. click the link on the righthand side of the page labeled “Pre-licensure Courses.” 3. on the bottom of that page you will see, “For specific class dates and times, or to register, click HERE” – click on the “HERE.” Sorry if anyone had trouble finding their way. :)

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