Winter 2010 Registration

Hello students! Some of you have expressed some frustration and confusion around trying to register for classes in the upcoming (Winter 2010) term. We’d like to address some of your concerns here.

1. Registration opened just last Friday, on November 20th, for continuing education classes. If you were unable to register before that, this is why.

2. Also, if you have ever taken a credit-level class at LCC, you are forever considered a credit-level student and must be released for registration by Kathy each term. This may sound like a tedious process, but it simply requires you to email Kathy with your name and L# at the start of registration so that she can override the system defaults.

3. We have introduced pre-requisites into the computer system, so registration for courses that require you to have completed a pre-requisite may be impossible until you have finished this term and your instructor has entered your grade for that class. Please keep in mind that you are not alone, and that a number of other students are likely also blocked from registering until they have received a grade! In other words, there is little need for concern about whether or not you will be able to get into a class, especially if it has pre-requisites.

4. Although you will be able to register in the coming days, if you have not yet paid your Fall 2009 term bill your registration will be purged from the system on Wednesday, November 25th. So, we highly recommend waiting to register until you have paid your bill. We do not expect Winter term classes to fill as quickly or completely as Fall term classes did; therefore, waiting to register is not anticipated to be a problem.

5. And, finally, please remember that if you wish to be in a class that appears online to be full, you are asked to come to the first day of class and discuss your options with the instructor. It is not uncommon that students who are registered do not show up, making room for others. If you are registered for a class that you do plan to attend through the term but you are unable to be present on that first day of class, you must contact the instructor (all instructors have an envelope icon next to their name in ExpressLane; clicking on it will allow you to email them) so that they do not offer your spot to someone else. Since ATTENDANCE ON THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS IS MANDATORY, an instructor will not hold a spot for a registered student who has not communicated about missing the first day.

Hopefully, this clears up some confusion. We apologize for any anxiety you may have experienced while trying to register! Please feel free to contact Kathy if you have registration questions, or your instructors if you have any questions about particular classes. Thanks!