Winter 2011 Student Community Volunteerism

In just the winter 2011 term alone, Lane Massage students performed 294 hours of community service! Some of the agencies and organizations they gave the most hours to include:

  • Willamette Valley Cancer Center (19.5 hours)
  • U of O Dance-a-thon (15 hours)
  • Sponsor’s Women’s Program (14 hours)
  • Lane CC Health Fair (12 hours)
  • Project Homeless (11.5 hours)
  • Tamarack Wellness Center (10 hours)
  • Looking Glass (8.5 hours)
  • Umpqua Home for the Handicapped – Roseburg (8.5 hours)

Students also performed 50 hours of service at nursing and foster homes, and assisted living facilities. The Lane Massage Program is proud to have such dedicated and compassionate students!

6 thoughts on “Winter 2011 Student Community Volunteerism”

  1. I’m a 3rd term (in the 6 term plan) massage student at Lane. How can I volunteer?

  2. It’s nice to see the volunteer hours and agencies listed here! It kind of brings it all full circle as to why we are getting this training. Very nice.

  3. Hi Rachel :)
    These students all volunteered through our Community Student Clinic class, which is required late in the program. After you’ve completed Massage 3, Laws & Ethics, Communication from the Heart, and basic sciences, and you are in one of your final terms, you will have this same opportunity! It’s a wonderfully fulfilling way to connect with the community and provide touch to many that very much need it!

  4. Thanks for your comments, Therese! I agree that it’s a nice idea to start posting these – we’re working on ways to make this site more dynamic. :)

  5. Recently, my classmate Karl and I went to Greenhill Humane Society and gave chair massage to 16 of their staff. It was a great morning for all! Those folks work so hard everyday to find homes for and care for all the wonderful animals!
    Thanks Karl, it was nice working with you. Therese

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