The New LCC Massage Web

Hello all!

You may have noticed that this website underwent a redesign a few months back. This was part of a larger effort to streamline our web presence and to better reach out and connect with students and LMTs. We’re doing that through a number of new means, which we are hoping to use with greater efficiency and purpose as we learn how each best serves our larger goal of supporting the massage community.

In the social media realm, we are now using a Facebook Page as a site for reminders, announcements, and job postings. To avoid redundancy, this site now links to the Facebook Page for job postings; you don’t have to Like us or be on Facebook to see them, though. We are on Twitter as well, where we mostly re-tweet interesting articles and announcements about massage, health, and the local community. You can also see our Twitter feed (the things we post and re-post) without being on Twitter yourself. (You can link to both at the right, in the box titled “Connect With Us”.)

We are also working to stay connected to our alumni, both virtually and in person. We are emailing CE offerings, volunteer opportunities, and meeting announcements to our growing alumni mailing list (which you can also – surprise! – link to from the bottom of this page); and we are holding Alumni Meetings on the first Monday of every month, from 6:00-8:00pm, to encourage and support professional networking and education. These meetings are open to non-alumni LMTs as well, so join us and bring your colleagues!

Postings on this blog have fallen off as we have developed new social tools, but we are rediscovering the value of longer-than-Facebook-posts posts, and we will be blogging a bit more; so, look for more here soon!

Thanks :)
LCC Massage