For LMTs

Continuing Education

The Massage Therapy Program at Lane takes pride in supporting professional therapists in our community by providing opportunities for them to advance their skills, their careers, and themselves. Thus, we produce a directory each term of various continuing education classes offered in wider Eugene. This is not a comprehensive listing of all CE classes available in our area, but always includes a rich selection of diverse modalities taught by highly-skilled practitioners. Some classes are offered as intensive weekend workshops and some over a term.

See our latest Continuing Education Directory for information about classes.

Lane also supports area LMTs by organizing and hosting workshops presented by the Lane County Massage and Bodywork Association, providing monthly educational and networking opportunities. If you would like to receive emails about meetings and events, subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of this page. We promise not to send superfluous emails, and will never share your information!

Job Listings, Volunteer Opportunities, and More

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